If you ever say atheists are close minded..

There are a few things you should keep in mind:
1. They chose it for themselves, just like someone chooses to be religious.
2. They probably had to let go of some very comforting ideas because there was no proof in them. Which is VERY hard.
3. Most of them have religious families they love dearly, and struggle to remain true to themselves when being constantly criticized.
4. Atheists love life. We see magic in the reality of it all, the fact that we are a blip makes life so precious to us. Not having a reward to dream about after death lets us treasure the moment like a rare jewel.
5. You probably won’t know someone is godless until you’ve known them for a while and they have to tell you. We have morals, being godless does not equate moraless.
(My own personal 6th - I’ve been to church my whole life and stopped going on my own a few years ago, but I still go with my family when I visit out of respect for them. In fact, I know the Bible very well.)

Openmindedness does not mean we have to agree, it just means we should accept and be open to loving discussion. Atheists and Theists both.

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